I’ve had one too many smoothies…

I’ve created a monster…

Kristian has gone smoothie crazy and I’ve just about had enough. I am so happy that she isn’t reaching for sodas and other sugary drinks or snacks but in the process she has turned my kitchen into the season opener of chopped.

Every dessert now has to be a smoothie… Every… Dessert!

I had to draw the line when she came to me asking how we could make a Krispy Kreme smoothie. Some things in life aren’t suppose to be healthy! Like buttercream icing… if you ever invite me somewhere that has whipped cream icing I’ll take that to mean that we aren’t friends… aint never been friends… and ain’t gon ever be friends!

Either way this week we made a milk and cereal smoothie (cinnamon toast crunch) and a chocolate chip smoothie. Both of them turned out amazing but I’m hearing the blender in my sleep and secretly I’d be happy if she just drank a bottle of water.

Hopefully this can help you and your little ones like it has helped me and mine.


Chocolate Chip Smoothie


1/4 cup of rolled oats

1/2 cup of almond milk

1-2 scoops of chocolate protein powder

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla flavor

1/4 teaspoon of butter flavor

1 cup of ice

1/4 cup of vanilla greek yogurt (Optional)



Put all ingredients into blender and blend well.



Cinnamon Toast Crunch Smoothie


1 cup of vanilla greek yogurt

2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon ( or a couple of shakes)

2tbs of honey

2 cups of ice



Add all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth.


Let me know how yours turn out… I’m off to buy more almond milk.






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