I didn’t make up the name.. I’m just passing along the information. I learned about these absolutely awesome brownies from a fellow veteran mom. I love things that look super complicated but in reality they are the farthest thing from it. This is that particular type of recipe. People will ooo and aaahh over these and think you spent hours in the kitchen when in reality you can do this in 15 min or less.

It’s probably best that you don’t tell your kids the real name of this dessert cause I’m sure you don’t want this title repeated on the playground.

These are sinfully good tho. I’m not a huge sweets type of person but I really could eat an entire batch of these on my own. They are that good!

Some days you need to indulge in something that makes you feel good or naughty… whatever works for you. Most of us can’t get away for a vacation as often as we would like so this is your in the mean time pick me up. Slutties + glass of wine + relaxing bath = well I’ve already made this post PG-13 lets not go for Rated R.

The Ultimate Brownie


Cookie dough


Box of Brownie Mix



First you want to preheat your oven for 350. Then, you want to grease your pan so that the cookie dough doesn’t stick. then you want to press the cookie dough flat into the pan so that it covers the entire bottom.


Then you want to place the oreos side by side like the picture below shows.


You want to make the brownie mix per the box instructions and pour it over the cookie dough and the oreo and spread it evenly so it gets in all the cracks and corners.



Now they’re ready to go into the oven for about 30-40 min or until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean.

I’m working on a recipe that has krispy kreme doughnuts inside the brownies, as if these aren’t fattening enough.

I hope you enjoy being slutty as much as I do!