I woke up one morning and decided I wanted biscuits… but I was 38 weeks pregnant. So pregnant that I got tired thinking about getting out of bed. I was tired in my dreams. So tired I was asleep dreaming about sleeping. Nevertheless, the child inside of me had time today.

So here we are searching for an easy biscuit recipe because I don’t have buttermilk and I’m not about to do anything that’s too tedious.

Luckily, I ran across this recipe from Martha Stewart and it wasn’t so bad. I would definitely makes some adjustments but if you’re interested in a good starter recipe then I think this is it!


I kneaded the dough and so the biscuits came out firmer than I would’ve like but I’m also not a fan of the spoon drop biscuit. This dough was rolled thinner because I thought there was enough baking powder to make them rise. I would double the thickness of the dough and add just a little bit more salt to the mixture.



Either way everyone was excited and it was a good biscuit day had by all…