As a token of his appreciation for me carrying this baby and future babies to come, Mr. gifted me with an SUV. This is of course the sweetest thing ever and I absolutely love it! But let’s not get too carried away, it hasn’t stopped me from side eyeing him in the middle of the night when I’m on my 3rd bathroom trip and Mason is practicing special teams. Meanwhile he is sound asleep on his 3rd REM cycle dreaming about unicorns and lollipops. That’s a post for a completely different day.

My Camry was actually keeping my addiction in check. I mean there is only so much room in those things so I seriously had to just scroll by a lot of items. NOT NOW!!!!!!! All this extra space is a dream come true for a thrifter like myself. Baby dresser for $30… Bought. Glider for $50… When can I pick it up?

In the span of 5 days I have clicked “Interested” on at least 57 different items on FB’s Marketplace. This is me currently on everyone’s posts.

giphy (3) 7.gif

This is an addiction and I need help, point me to the nearest support group.

I have bought more baby stuff than that little nursery can hold and some stuff I’ve actually re-listed because I didn’t actually like it once I got it home.

I just don’t see paying full price for items that will only really be used for 3-6mos at a time. No, I’m not buying the HALO bassinet for retail price of $245 when someone is selling one for $90.

Hubby just gives me a serious side eye but on some level I’m saving us money. Either way it’s all his fault because he shouldn’t gave me these 2 extra rows that fold down. I have pick ups to schedule so until next time…