I can never understand people’s obsession with pregnant women and the complete lack of manners and tact when talking to them. Its like the person will die if they don’t comment on your pregnancy or give you unsolicited advice. Common sense just goes out the window. These are a few things that are NOT acceptable to say:

“You look so tired” – 

“How big are your breast going to get?”

“You look like you’re having twins” (unless you know they are actually having twins)

“Are you sure your due date is right? You look way bigger than _____ Months”

“Every time I see you it just makes me rethink pregnancy”

“You look so uncomfortable”

“Be careful about what you eat, you don’t want to be fat after the baby comes”‘

“Are you going to breast feed?”

I have been dealing with terrible skin throughout this pregnancy and people just find it so convenient to remind me that my skin is not in the best condition right now.

“You know if you use _____ it’ll clear that right on up”

“A little makeup will cover those spots”

or my personal favorite

“You’re going to have such a pretty baby because it’s taking all your beauty” That’s my grandmas favorite. She has no problem calling you ugly or fat.

Pregnancy is hard enough without you saying a word. I know exactly what I look like and I know exactly how I feel. I’m sure there are so many more things that you all have heard that made you want to just let the person have it! So I have come up with a list of the best things to say to a woman with child:


giphy (3) 3

That’s it… That’s all that’s acceptable. Maybe some variation of well wishes but nothing more. Trust me.

What has someone said to you that made you want to scream?