Earlier this week my husband and I snuck out for a random date night. The clock is ticking on how long we will be able to do that.

There is a little pub near our home that we had found the day before looking for brunch spots and I was impressed with their food and service. First let me tell you that I’m a little bit of a food snob and I’m not easily impressed. We saw that they have an oyster special on Monday nights so I made a mental note to come back and try it out.

Well we went the next day… I hadn’t been feeling well and was on the couch ALL day. I realized that I had been saving all my energy for the impromptu date night we were about to have because I surely jumped up and was ready before him.


We ducked out like two teenagers sneaking away from their parents. Kristian can smell you trying to have alone time and break it up like a rowdy party on a Saturday night.

Mr. loves oysters and I like them too but I like them cooked better. So $1 Oyster night is right up our alley. Yall, I was expecting small dollar worthy oysters… I was completely floored when these huge oysters came out. As a former F&B Director I’m tempted to go back to the kitchen to check the tags on these mini sea demons on a plate. If it is legit then food costs must be through the roof, these are in NO WAY $1 Oysters.

I ordered the cooked ones as my entree with a salad. Not knowing that the end of my life was drawing near… Let me show you…

IMG_2687 2

It might not be the best representation but they’re about the size of the palm of my hands.

This is where the fail comes in.

Hubby easily devours his… and so I assume I can do the same.

NO MAAM!!!!! I nearly choked trying to swallow the first one.

giphy (3) 2

So of course Mr. was like just cut it in half. Tried that… Failed that.

I’m reaching for water, trying to stuff my salad down behind it, ANYTHING to keep from throwing the these oysters back up.

Yall I like Oysters but the texture turned on me on this day! I’m doing everything to push them down. They’re doing everything to shimmy back on up and out.

I’m like why don’t you want to stay down??? Do you miss your friends on the plate? Did yall have plans that I interrupted. Hubby is laughing and I’m panicking because throw up is the worse thing for me. If I see, hear or smell it I just keep throwing up. Finally I think I have won this battle.

But… there are 5 more on the plate.

I look at Him, Him looks at me…

We switch plates because he ordered fried oysters for an entree. In this moment he is Prince Charming and has saved the day… again.

I think I love him even more. So maybe it wasn’t a fail at all.