I know you didn’t walk into this Uterus and think you were bringing 1st trimester with you?? Nah she aint welcome in this house.

The past 3 days have been a whirlwind of WTF is going on. Yeah I was uncomfortable but that was becoming normal. Sure I got a little back pain but that’s what the maternity belt is for. I’m waddling but I’m chilling…

Then here comes the 3rd trimester acting childish.

I was over fatigue, I was over nausea… I was in the promise land.

In the past few days I’ve felt like a truck ran over me and I tried to sit up and it backed up over… full speed. The fatigue has been crazy and I’m almost certain that God is preparing me for my funeral. “My Child, let me show you how to lay still and not move not matter what is happening around you”

giphy (9)

Kristian’s hair hasn’t been detangled or moisturized in about 4 days. I’m sure its dry enough to be considered a weapon now and I’m praying nobody tries to touch it and gets cut. I’m not sure how to explain that to the insurance company.

I’ve rewashed the same load of laundry twice because it keeps sitting in the machine until it sours. I’m sweeping the kitchen in sections each day, tiny sections. I’m really just moving the dirt around because I’m not squatting to sweep it up. You’ll be happy to know that I’m almost done tho. We are almost out the back door and I’ll just sweep it out there.

We’ve had leftovers 2 days in a row and the dishwasher is working overtime. The beds aren’t made and the bathroom could use a good cleaning. I know everybody wants to pretend that you’re able to do it all but in reality its extremely difficult. My house is probably not in the worse condition but It’s not in its norm.

And. I. Don’t. Care…

I have a husband that doesn’t blink if I’m in the same spot that he left me in 8hrs ago.

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I’m saving my energy for the things that matter like helping my daughter with homework or watching ‘This Is Us’ with my husband because #TeamKate.

Pregnancy is hard and your body is constantly up and down because of the miracles we carry. We are the tiny human makers.

When someone asks you what you did this week tell them you’re a walking miracle and you’re making a tiny human.

As if you could be bothered to do anything else.