I absolutely love my CurlBox subscription. I feel the need to reiterate that even tho I’m sure the title makes that clear. It really is the best thing when it comes to hair product selection. Somewhere in the last 5-6 years natural hair has become the “IT” thing and at some point we have all hopped on (and hopped off) the bandwagon.

I’ve had so many hangups about my own hair and the NEED to have it straight. I didn’t want to pass down those insecurities down to my daughter so I figured I could at least get on board for her… Right?!

giphy (4).gif

GIRL BYE!!!!!!

Nobody tells you how hard this is!!! How your head will have 6 different textures that all require their own product and technique! You think Angela Bassett has amazing arms? I bet you do! She doesn’t work out… she does twists sets every night.

Oh! Let’s not talk about the shrinkage… no… lets NOT talk about it.

You think being left at the alter is disappointment??? CHILEEE… Take a twist set down too early and it hasn’t dried all the way. Then you’ll know disappointment.

And to be honest, I’m still not 1000% loving my natural hair but it is a journey and not a destination. She(my daughter) on the other hand prefers her natural hair and thats all that matters!

BACK TO CURLBOX! I was spending a fortune on hair products trying this tutorial and that tutorial and it not working. I mean a FORTUNE! When I started to get serious about adulting and budgeting I knew something had to give. I’d been seeing it around for awhile so I searched the twitter hashtag #Curlbox and people were unboxing FULL SIZED PRODUCTS! I mean 4-6 full size containers of product for $25. I thought it was like trial/sample size type packaging. Let me hurry up and give this company my money!

I haven’t been disappointed at all. Usually something in the box works for somebody in the house and if it doesn’t I don’t feel bad about giving it away (which is rare). Between me and my daughter we have 18 different textures so the products get used! They have all kinds of resources to help with using the products on their website. Youtubers are always creating content around the products as well.

Here is how you can get yours. They open the subscription list once a month, so you only have one chance to change your life. Buy the subscription and then you get the next months box. The link to the site is here and I recommend you get on the email list so you know exactly when it’s open.

BTW… nobody paid me (Its probably like 6 of yall reading this) I just really like the concept and it saved me a ton of money.