Ok.. ok… I know what you’re going to say. “Its essential to the baby!” “You need them for vital development” Yeah. Yeah. yeah…

giphy (5)

Sure prenatal vitamins benefits far outweigh some of their awful side effects. We ALLLLLL know and accept this to be true… however….

Nobody thought to tell me how much my hair would grow with these pills? I planned on keeping this Sew-in for at least 8 weeks and its getting sketchy at 4.5 over here. We already discussed my love/hate relationship with my natural hair. So… no

A couple of weeks ago I was in-between sew-ins and getting ready for church. For whatever reason the humidity from the shower and me being pregnant made my scalp sweat. I COULDN’T KEEP A CURL IN MY HEAD FOR NOTHING! The morning ended with me in full melt-down mode while trying to salvage my hair with a bun… all the while my husband is on the side lines like…

giphy (6)

This natural hair and these pregnancy hormones don’t go together.

Not only does your hair grow fast… but it grows EVERYWHERE! AND. I. DO. MEAN. EVERYWHERE!!

Lets talk about these nails! As a woman that likes to get her nails done pretty regularly this presents a little dilemma. I need a fill-in by day 9 and I’m more of a day 15-20 type girl. Its not in my short term goals to be paying for weekly nail appts.

My skin on the other hand is the exact opposite!!! I have serious hyper pigmentation and ‘pregnancy’ eczema (Why is that even a thing?). Nothing works but vaseline so basically I’m walking around like a greased up butterball turkey. Its way too close to Thanksgiving for this…

There’s nothing the dermatologist can do for me now so I have to wait until the baby is out and then I’ll be getting real comfortable in her chair…giphy (7).gif

As you can see these pills are ruining my budget and I have a serious attitude about it.

Rant over.