I’m pregnant if you haven’t read already and I’m at the stage where I really covet my sleep. I don’t sleep well in the middle of the night but just before my dawn my body gives in and I have the best exhausted sleep ever. My daughter is completely self-sufficient and I’m blessed and highly favored because of it. She can basically do everything for herself and actually wants to do it. I hate the idea of her eating cereal for breakfast every morning so we came up with little breakfast preps that she can re-warm and just head out the door to the bus.

Well this is the story of how one such prep didn’t go as expected.

It’s a simple recipe that we found online which I’m not going to share cause this was something like a fail on our end, and not a reflection at all of the original creator. There are so many different variables that go into cooking like altitude, temperature, and ingredients that it’s easy to mess up even following directions perfectly.

We started by separating our wet ingredients from our dry ingredients like any baking recipe and then adding them together.


We added some peanut butter and coconut oil in the end but I knew that the batter was just a little too thin. I contemplated adding more oatmeal but decided against it because there was baking powder in it and the pan was kind of shallow. So in the spirit of following directions we just went with it.


Well like I said… they didn’t turn out as stiff as brownies and nowhere near as loose as oatmeal but somewhere in between.


Either way it tasted great! Kristian and I just ate it off the cutting board with our fingers. She thought it was perfect and I was confident that I would sleep in.

Somewhere in there is a lesson about things not turning out the way you want them to or the way you thought they would but still finding a way to enjoy it.

Like the pastor says you’ll catch that one in the car on the way home.