Food is everything and Everything is food


Dear Son…

January 9th seemed like another day in my pregnant life. I woke up and ate a bowl of cereal, my favorite food at the . The heartburn the night before had been especially terrible and I was really at the point of staging a sit in at the hospital until they decided to take this …


My Pre-Teen Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I call on you right now in a special way. It is through your power that Kristian was created and it will be through your power that she stays alive…

Cause I’m about to choke her.

No Lord really, thumbs to the back of her throat type choke. She is really testing me and I just can’t stand by and let it keep happening. I’m new to the area and I’m not sure how people here feel about a swift karate chop in the thoke. You said children are a gift and right now I’m really looking for the receipt. She gotta go back to where she came from, Its close to black friday and I probably could get a good even exchange for an upgraded model. Give me back my sweet baby before she turned into this “I know everything about everything”

Truth is…

giphy (3) 8

Physically, mentally, emotionally, and any other -ally you can think of. Being pregnant and dealing with a hormonal pre-teen isn’t the ministry that I signed up for Lord. I’m ready for the choir or even the usher board but nah… not this. Only one person in this house is going to have an attitude and its the person carrying a whole ‘nother person inside them.

Tame her tongue Lord or Imma have to lay these holy hands on her. Quicken my feet Jehovah and give me the strength of 1,000 men to not spare the rod cause this child is getting spoiled.

Give me the patience Lord to train her up in the way that a child should go cause right now she is obviously lost and this belt is about to GPS her back on track.

You entrusted me with her and I know you don’t make any mistakes so right now I need all the help I can get. I need the armor and the angels, the grace and the mercy, favor and refuge to get through this stage. If this experience is designed to get me closer to you then you about to be sick of me. I’m dragging the hem of your garment Lord asking for your help. I know you hear me my humble cries. Amen

A tired mom of a pre-teen.




Week 27: Prenatals be on that BS

Ok.. ok… I know what you’re going to say. “Its essential to the baby!” “You need them for vital development” Yeah. Yeah. yeah… Sure prenatal vitamins benefits far outweigh some of their awful side effects. We ALLLLLL know and accept this to be true… however…. Nobody thought to tell me how much my hair would …


Why I’m a CurlBox Stan

I absolutely love my CurlBox subscription. I feel the need to reiterate that even tho I’m sure the title makes that clear. It really is the best thing when it comes to hair product selection. Somewhere in the last 5-6 years natural hair has become the “IT” thing and at some point we have all …

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